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A Little Bit About East Fork Lodge #650 A.F. & A.M.

East Fork Lodge is located at 508 Parker Road in Wylie, Texas. Stated Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm, with dinner served at 6:30pm. Each Tuesday night thereafter, floor school is held at 7pm. Great food and fellowship is enjoyed by all. We look forward to seeing you there.


History of East Fork Lodge

East Fork Lodge #650 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was granted a charter from The Grand Lodge of Texas on January 18, 1887 and was set to work on February 18, 1887 in the Lone Tree (Brown Town) Community.

The Lodge was built at Brown Town and, following Masonic custom, the ground floor was given for use as a school building and the name of the community was changed to Lone Elm. The school was designated in deed as District No.63, but was always referred to as the Lone Elm School.

There were 24 charter members, one of which dimitted April 9, 1887 and one died July 19, 1887. Two new members were raised in May and June of 1887, after the charter was granted, bringing the membership to 26. East Fork Lodge currently has an active membership in excess of 100 members and growing.

Our second lodge building on Ballard

The Lodge met, for many years, upstairs above what is now Wylie Flower and Gift Shop at 129 N. Ballard. In late 1980, construction was begun on a new building at the current location and completed in March of 1982. The cornerstone of the new Lodge building was leveled in Masonic tradition on June 12, 1982.

A dedication ceremony for the new Lodge building was held on Saturday, November 3, 1984. The ceremony was attended by members of East Fork Lodge, Grand Lodge of Texas members and officers, past and present, and members of the Wylie community. The ceremony was presided over by the Grand Master of Texas Masons, R.H. (Bob) Waters.


Want to become a MASON you must ask a MASON


Want to become a MASON you must ask a MASON


East Fork Lodge #650 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was granted a charter from The Grand Lodge of Texas on January 18, 1887 and was set to work on February 18, 1887

To become a Mason, you must ask a Mason, and East Fork Lodge is a great place to start.

East Fork Lodge #650 is located at 508 Parker Road in Wylie, Texas.

We meet every Tuesday night. We start with a meal at 6:00 PM and our meetings start at 7:00 PM. Please join us for Dinner and get to know us as we get to know you. Our Stated meeting is the 1st Tuesday of each month.


The Requirements to Join a Freemason Lodge

  1. You must believe in a Supreme Being.
  2. You must be joining of your own free will.
  3. You must be a man.
  4. You must be free-born. ...
  5. You must be of lawful age. ...
  6. You must come recommended by at least two existing Freemasons from the lodge you're petitioning.

A Mason (or Freemason) is a member of a fraternity known as Masonry (or Freemasonry). A fraternity is a group of men who join together because: There are things they want to do in the world. ... They enjoy being together with men they like and respect.

What is the Purpose of Freemasonry? The basic purpose is to make "better men out of good men", better fathers, better husbands, better brothers, better sons, and better citizens. We try to place emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook and broadening his mental horizons.

If you are interested in becoming a Mason at East Fork Lodge you can contact us by clicking on this link


We look forward to meeting you soon to answer any questions you might have.



East Fork Lodge #650

Eastern Star Home - Arlington, Texas Hwy 80 1957

The Eastern Star Home was a historical icon in Arlington, Texas and represented the highest respect in the city for it's mission to caring for the aged and widowed Eastern Star women.

Eastern Star Intl. is a Masonic Fraternal order and an appendent body of the Texas Freemasons under the Grand Lodge of Texas jurisdiction.

Having grown up in Arlington, this building was an everyday visual landmark for me. The site was next to the current day Arlington Stadium (AT&T). It is now closed for several years and many of the original buildings were torn down. The residents were relocated down the highway to the current day Texas Masonic Retirement Center. TMRC was origianally called the THE HOME FOR AGED MASONS

In high school I photographed the residents of the TMRC for a photo essay in the early 70's in black and white film.

Today, TMRC is still very much in operation, and has expanded into new modern apartment facilities and still support it's original mission to care for the retirement generation that enjoys the social enivironment of the fraternity.

In this picture is illustrated a news article featuring the history of the Eastern Star facility and organization from 1957. This was published by the Arlington News and was a feature booklet on the early history of Arlington. It is very old and almost crumbled for this picture.

The plate is a personal collection article I own from the 1940's.

The canvas picture in the background of the portico is a restoration image I created in 2012 and presented to the TMRC Director, who has it on display now in the hall library. At the time I shot this image, the roof and chimney were fallen in, the door and windows broken and open, and the natural vegetation and trees had overrun the complex. I used an image of a SC home front door to photoshop into this picture, which matched the style of architecture from the early last century.

Today the complex it is just a long distant memory, but in it's day it was the elegant pinnacle of a life's reward that was well earned and served.