Sunday, October 24, 2021


9/11/2021 Memorial Service at Old City Park in Downtown Wylie, Texas 9/11/2001 is a day we should NEVER FORGET; 2,996 people perished that day of which 412 were first responders.Darin Kinder a Secret Service Agent was in Building #7 of the World Trade Center complex and helped many get out of the Twin Towers that day. Darin was the guest speaker this last Saturday and gave his account of what happened to him and how he was called to service on 9/11/2001. The message he gave was “IF CALLED INTO SERVICE TO HELP OTHERS WILL YOU GET YOUR SUIT DIRTY”?Wylie Fire Chief and Wylie Police Department Chief with Darin Kinder on the stage.The picture with the US Flag is on display with items from the Twin Towers that fell 9/11/2001. Members of East Fork Lodge at Ballard Street Cafe after the 9/11 Memorial enjoying breakfast and fellowship. After the memorial service those that attended gathered for breakfast at Ballard Street Café. It is a morning I will long remember.

On July 15, 2021 East Fork Lodge and Wylie City Council member Scott William’s company Fire and Water Restoration Plus finished work to support one of our widows Mrs. Carolyn Hollamon.

Our own Centennial Past Master Clemens Hollamon widow needed help to repair and rebuild a wheel chair ramp and porch at her home in Wylie.  Below are pictures of the repaired and rebuild ramp.

Mrs. Hollamon was very happy with the work performed by East Fork Lodge and Scott William’s company Fire and Water Restoration Plus.

On July 27, 2021, During the Wylie City Council Meeting members of East Fork Lodge #650 with Vicky Long with Carter BloodCare Presented the new Battle of the Badges Traveling Trophy to Fire Chief Brandon Blythe’s the winner Chief of the 2021 Battle of the Badges Blood Drive held on June 26, 2021. At that blood drive we collect 85 units of blood that will help over 255 patients in the local community. We thank all that showed up to help with this blood drive and presentation.

East Fork Lodge honors Brother Ellis Neal Merworth with 2020 Golden Trowel

Officer Installation 2020-2021